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How does FaucetEarner work?

FaucetEarner is a platform that earn XRP crypto for free. There have been websites that give away free crypto since Bitcoin first launched over 10 years ago. The first Bitcoin faucets were giving out 5+ BTC for free. At the time it was considered worthless, but any free crypto is good crypto. This is a great way to get started without investment and these small amounts can really add up over time. FaucetEarner welcomes your participation!

Why my withdrawal is Processing?

Cryptocurrencies are sent using a low fee option. For this reason your withdrawal get the processing status for a while, it may take up to 48 hours to process.

Why didn't I received my withdrawal?

All your withdrawals are sent directly to your wallet. Please check whether the wallet address you provided is correct. Or you can track the transaction on the history page with the link to the blockchain explorer.

What is the ROI?

The investment projects on this platform are divided into demand deposits, 1-week fixed deposits, 1-month fixed deposits, 3-month fixed deposits, 6-month fixed deposits and 1-year fixed deposits. The ROI is 10%, 14%, 20%, 40%, 80% and 200% respectively (the ROI is calculated based on 1 year). That means you can earn corresponding interest over the chosen investment period.

Why has the investment principal withdrawn decreased?

If you choose a fixed deposit, when your actual investment period is less than the corresponding investment period, the corresponding interest will be deducted from the investment principal withdrawn.

How many times can I withdraw my balance?

There is no limit on the daily withdrawal amount, but there is only one daily withdrawal limit. The number of daily withdrawals resets based on the server time on the website.